What Glasses Suit My Face?

Getting a new pair of glasses is a serious consideration. The pair you choose will make a big difference to the way you look, and so the style should be contemplated before you make a purchase.

While fashions change, many people find that a certain style looks better on their face. If you're wondering which style will best suit you, have a read of our below guide to unravel the secrets to finding the perfect frame for you.

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What is My Face Type?

The first step is to identify what face shape you have. This is the biggest factor in what glasses style will suit you.  Although everyone is different, most people fall into one of a few categories. To assess your face shape, remove any eyewear or headwear, and brush your hair out of the way, tying it up if necessary. 

Use a mirror with natural light if possible. If you are struggling to decide on the overall shape, try assessing the three main sections of your face separately: forehead, cheeks and jaw.

What are the Different Face Types?

The main types of face shape are oval, round, square and heart-shaped.

The Oval Face Shape

The oval is a very common face shape. It categorises a slightly longer, slimmer face, with a balance between forehead, cheeks and jaw. There are no sharp angles with this type of face. If you feel you have a longer face with a gentle, rounded jawline, it is likely that you have an oval face.

The Round Face Shape

Similar to the oval, the round face shape is also free from sharp angles. It is a shorter, more circular shape and people with round face shapes tend to look younger. The shorter length can mean that there is less space on the face overall, so larger glasses styles can take over a face.

The Square Face Shape

The most obvious sign of the square-shaped face is an angular jaw. If your jaw appears slanted on the sides from your cheeks, and then flat at the bottom, you most likely have a square-shaped face. Square shapes tend to be wider at the top and have a broad forehead.

The Heart Face Shape

This face shape is very commonly seen on television or in the fashion world.  It consists of a broad forehead, visible cheekbones, and then tapers to a slightly pointed chin. The heart face shape can also be considered an upside down triangle as the most distinct aspect is the downwards taper.

Matching Your Face Type to Glasses Shape

Once you have identified your face shape, you can start looking at different glasses styles. A general rule is that a more angular face will favour rounder frames

Go retro with this classic tortoiseshell frame, or add a modern, on-trend twist, and go for this Nico metallic grey pair.

Round and oval faces look great with sharper lines such as these Burbank frames in a matte blue that are sure to attract compliments or step outside your comfort zone with a fashionable marbling effect in these West Grey Stripe frames.

This is because the contrast works well, whereas too much of the same shapes in glasses and face can become overpowering.

Additionally, oval and square faces can support larger frames, but round and heart shapes might find the large frame takes over their face and need to look at something daintier.

Colour also plays a big part. If you are going for a bolder style, it is worth sticking to a simple shade, perhaps with a colourful inner pattern. Or a popular choice is to alternate between two pairs. For everyday life, you might favour a frame with a simple single colour, and reserve another which can make a bright statement like something from our Funky Reading Glasses range.

Other Considerations

Face shape alone doesn't dictate what style of glasses frame will suit your face, but it's a great starting point. Skin colour, nose shape, hairstyles and any headwear you use will all make a difference. There are also times where you may disregard all the rules to get the look that you want!

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