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Women's Reading Glasses
Women's Reading Glasses
Women's Reading Glasses

The Goodlookers ladies reading glasses collection is synonymous with its up-to-the-minute range of stylish designs, trusted quality and great value for money. With over 200 trendy styles to choose from, there really is a pair of Goodlookers ready readers for every occasion! Our reading glasses for women are made with lightweight, high quality materials meaning they not only look great but are very durable and incredibly pleasing to the touch. All of our ladies reading glasses and reading sunglasses come complete with a coordinating pouch and are available in 6 reading powers: +1.0 / +1.5 / +2.0 / +2.5 / +3.0 / +3.5.


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  1. Reading Glasses 'Duchess' Tortoiseshell/Yellow
  2. Reading Glasses 'Margot' Green And Yellow
  3. Reading Glasses 'Keaton' Tortoiseshell/Mustard
    Out of Stock
  4. Reading Sunglasses 'Portland' Tortoiseshell/Yellow
  5. Reading Glasses 'Portland' Tortoiseshell/Yellow
  6. Reading Glasses 'Campbell' Yellow/Tortoiseshell
    Reading Glasses 'Campbell' Yellow/Tortoiseshell
    £10.99 Regular Price £13.99
  7. Reading Sunglasses 'Holiday' Yellow
  8. Reading Glasses 'Lulu' Yellow Floral
    Reading Glasses 'Lulu' Yellow Floral
    £10.99 Regular Price £14.99

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